By Anthony M. Strong

Deadly Crossing

A John Decker Thriller

An ill-fated ocean liner on a tragic date with destiny…

A cursed Egyptian mummy on its way to the New World…

A frantic race against time…

Decker is put in an impossible situation when he finds himself aboard the RMS Titanic on her doomed maiden voyage.

The John Decker Thriller Series


A murdered billionaire. A priceless statue. A reclusive cult.

Book One

Something terrifying has awakened in the bayou…

Book Two

The bogeyman is real.

Book Three

Something ancient has found new prey… Us.

Book Four

A terrifying force unleashed on the Irish countryside.


Book Five

An impossible killer stalks the streets of London.

Book Six

A secret mission. A horror beyond imagination.

Book Seven

In the darkness they wait, patient, hungry…

Book Eight

Deep in the Amazon jungle, a world beyond imagination.

Book Nine

An island with a secret, deep inside the Bermuda Triangle.


Book Ten

John Decker has never been so far from home…

Book Eleven

An ill-fated ocean liner on a tragic date with destiny…

Standalone Books

The Remnants Series Book One

Life can change in the blink of an eye.

The Remnants Series Book Two

Everything Hayden Stone thought he knew was wrong. Even his own identity.

A Classic Ghost Story

There’s something wrong with Willow House.


A book of horror shorts