By Anthony M. Strong

Night Wraith

A John Decker Thriller

A mysterious letter hidden for over a century reveals a long-lost truth:
In 1843, Charles Dickens wrote one of the most famous ghost stories of all time. A novel of yuletide redemption that has echoed through the ages. But Dickens harbored a dark secret, revealed only to his best friend in a long-lost letter. He didn’t just write the book: He lived it.

A house that should not exist:
When John Decker finds the letter hidden inside a rare first edition, he can’t resist following in the famous author’s footsteps to Boston, which Dickens visited almost two centuries before. There, he discovers a strange and ghostly house within which lurk the secrets of his past, and the terrifying shadows of his future.

Only one way out:
Now, trapped inside this impossible house, Decker must face his demons. Because if he doesn’t, he and Nancy might be trapped there forever.

The John Decker Thriller Series


A murdered billionaire. A priceless statue. A reclusive cult.

Book One

Something terrifying has awakened in the bayou…

Book Two

The bogeyman is real.

Book Three

Something ancient has found new prey… Us.

Book Four

A terrifying force unleashed on the Irish countryside.


Book Five

An impossible killer stalks the streets of London.

Book Six

A secret mission. A horror beyond imagination.

Book Seven

In the darkness they wait, patient, hungry…

Book Eight

Deep in the Amazon jungle, a world beyond imagination.

Book Nine

An island with a secret, deep inside the Bermuda Triangle.


Book Ten

John Decker has never been so far from home…

Book Eleven

A holiday celebration in 1911 turns dangerous when a child goes missing…

Book Twelve

An ill-fated ocean liner on a tragic date with destiny…

Book Thirteen

A strange series of murders in 1912 New York City have a deadly connection to John Decker…

Book Fourteen

When Decker and Nancy find a mysterious house in Boston, they get more than they bargained for…

Book Fifteen

Decker finds himself back in Wolf Haven, where it all started. But will he survive this time?

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