Final Destiny

The John Decker Thriller Series Book Thirteen

Deep in the bowels of the Brooklyn Bridge, a grisly murder terrifies the city…

Fresh off the Carpathia after surviving the sinking of the RMS Titanic, John Decker and his companion Mina find themselves in 1912 New York City penniless and with no idea what to do next.

Meanwhile, an elaborate party ends in tragedy when a guest is found dead. A trail of inhuman footprints leading away from the body is the only clue. When a second murder occurs days later, it becomes clear that the attacks are not random, and at the center of the mystery is Clarence Rothman, a man who might hold the key to helping Decker and Mina get back to their own time.

Assisted by an old acquaintance of Thomas Finch who now lives in New York, they insert themselves into the case. But when the creature turns its murderous intentions on Clarence, Decker realizes that if he can’t save the man, their only chance of returning to the twenty-first century will vanish, and they will be stuck in the past forever.