What Vengeance Comes

The John Decker Thriller series Book One

An impossible killer stalks the Bayou…

NYPD detective John Decker thinks his family’s dark past is behind him when he’s offered the job as town sheriff in his sleepy southern hometown. Happy for a change in scenery, and a quieter way of life, he accepts the position.

But when a pair of mutilated bodies are found in the woods just days before a massive storm is due to make landfall, the similarities dredge up the horrific memories of his mother’s unsolved murder almost thirty years ago. A murder that drove his father to madness and an early grave, and John to abandon his high school sweetheart and escape to New York.

The Medical Examiner insists that the killer cannot be human…but that’s ridiculous. There are no large predators in the area. The men were clearly targeted by someone…or something.

As the skies darken and the weather worsens, more bodies pile up.

But what is the connection? He must find out who—or what—is behind these attacks. Because if he doesn’t, the next victim might, once again, be someone he loves…

Part mystery, part supernatural thriller, you won’t want to stop reading until the very end.