What Vengeance Comes

The John Decker Thriller series Book One

Something terrifying has awakened in the bayou…

When a pair of moonshiners out on an illicit midnight delivery disappear, no one pays much attention. Until their truck is found abandoned on a lonely back road, and not far away, their mutilated bodies. Stumped, the local police chalk it up to a wild animal.

But the killer isn’t done.

Another attack swiftly follows. A pair of teenagers at a popular swimming hole. But this time there is a survivor, and she tells of a monstrous beast with yellow eyes and sharp teeth. A monster that should not exist.

Now, with the townsfolk up in arms and fearing yet more deadly attacks, Sheriff John Decker must hunt this impossible creature and bring it down before it can kill again. Because if he doesn’t, the next victim might be someone he loves…

Part thriller, part supernatural horror, you won’t want to stop reading this action-packed supernatural thriller until the very end.