Cold Sanctuary

The John Decker Thriller Series Book Two

In a secret lab abandoned for decades, a terror from the past has stirred.

In a tunnel deep beneath an Alaskan mountain, a man is brutally murdered. The first in a series of grisly deaths. It is not long before whispers grow that the Qalupalik, a frightening creature born from centuries of superstition and fear, has come to wreak havoc on the remote coastal settlement of Shackleton, Alaska.

But the town hides a dark secret, and the real killer might be more terrifying than any local legend. Because deep beneath a crumbling tower once owned by the military lies a long-forgotten lab with a terrifying history.

When a pair of thieves break in to plunder the lab, they find more than they bargained for, and unleash the past in ways they could never imagine.

Now it’s up to disgraced ex-cop John Decker to do what no one else can. Stop a killer that should not exist.

Available in e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook.