The Silence of Tomorrow

Book Two in The Remnants Series

Everything Hayden Stone thought he knew was wrong. Even his own identity.

Saved from a collapsing alternate reality but forced to leave one of their own behind, Hayden and Clara find themselves in a strange and dangerous world where millions vie to win the Great Migration. A lottery that promises a better life but brings only death.

Reeling from the discovery that their lives were nothing but a cleverly crafted illusion, he and Clara must flee from a duplicitous government that wants them silenced forever.

Worse, something is happening to Clara. Something bad that threatens to tear her sanity apart.

Their only hope of saving themselves, rescuing their friend, and curing Clara? A mysterious figure from Hayden’s lost past. But finding her won’t be easy, and if they fail, it could have deadly consequences.

Available in e-book, and paperback.