New Release!

Grendel’s Labyrinth has released, and the next book in the John Decker series, Whitechapel Rising, is now on presale. I’m excited about both of these books and have enjoyed writing them. Beowulf has fascinated me since I read it in school many years ago. Unlike most of the dry dead literature we were forced to consume, this actually had some bite! A real monster. While the language might have been hard to grasp for one so young, it still captivated me because, well… Monsters. If you have to read something like that, you might as well have monsters. Then there’s Whitechapel Rising, a new take on Jack the Ripper, which is on presale now on Amazon. Both books are part of the John Decker series, which includes a prequel novella, Soul Catcher. There is also a 100-page origin story available at the end of the first book in the series, What Vengeance Comes.