It’s been a long time coming…

Crimson Deep Cover

It’s here, people!

Crimson Deep. The long-awaited next book in the John Decker series. Wow. That took a while, I know. But in fairness, I haven’t been idle. The last few years have been full of writing. I penned a children’s book – which sits on my hard drive in glorious unpublished seclusion. Maybe it will see the light of day at some point, maybe it won’t. All writers have drafts of books laying around, like the ghosts of Christmas’s yet to come. I also finished a full-length manuscript which is doing the rounds as we speak. Not to mention dipping my toes in the Hollywood scene and working on three movie scripts over the past two years. And two of them are comedies… Yes – I can be funny… I think… Maybe. At the very least it’s a departure from my normal writing.

But back to John Decker. I’ve neglected him for far too long, and now he gets a whole new adventure set in the deep Florida woodlands. Not only that, but I have outlines for four more adventures fleshed out already. I can’t reveal what those will be, except to say that the next one will likely take place in Ireland, and center around an age-old legend at a mysterious ruin. I know it took a while for Decker to return, but now that he’s back, he isn’t going anywhere. So enjoy Crimson Deep, and watch this space, because there’s lots more on the way.