A new day, a new John Decker novel!

A few days ago, knee deep in editing and wishing that I was done already, I despaired that my new novel Cold Sanctuary, the follow up to What Vengeance Comes, and the second in the John Decker series, would ever be ready. Thankfully it is, and yesterday it went on pre-sale in the Amazon store. Whew.

Set in a small town at the edge of a glacier in Alaska, Cold Sanctuary pits Decker against another unyielding enemy, a bogeyman the townsfolk believe is the Qalupalik, a monster of ancient Alaskan lore. With the body count rising Decker will discover that there is much more to this creature than the myth, and much more to the town too.

Cold Sanctuary is available now on pre-order until June 26 at the following links:





If you have not read the first in the series, What Vengeance comes, you can find it here:





And now, it’s on to the next book. Watch this space for news of my next project, and as always, thanks for being such fantastic readers. I look forward to scaring you for many years to come.

Until next time.

Anthony M. Strong